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Testimonials from Our Puppy Owners



                                                                                                 May 2006

This is a letter of recommendation for anyone considering purchasing an American Bulldog puppy from Gittinger’s Bulldogs of NJ.

We first found the Gittinger’s through an on-line search for American Bulldog puppies.  We had been looking for a few months, and came across their website.  We e-mailed them requesting that they let us know when they had pups available.  When puppies became available, we were invited to visit.  We were welcomed into their home to meet the puppies and the doggy parents.  Chris and Wendy took over an hour with us, answering our questions, and letting us get to know their dog family.  The dogs are loved and well cared for, and obviously an important part of the human family!

We chose to purchase one of the pups because of the disposition of her parents.  We loved her markings, too, but just as importantly, we were impressed with the gentle and affectionate nature of both the mother and father.  As strangers to the house, with a young child to boot, the dogs did not become agitated, alarmed or over excited with us.  Despite their large size and muscular build, they were not over powering at all. They were playful and gentle with our son, and that was the selling point.

We were sent e-mail pictures several times before we picked our pup up (we had a 4 week wait from the time we first saw her until she was old enough to come home with us), and Chris and Wendy gave us updates about how she was growing.  We were given information on food/feeding, and what we needed to do for registering our pup.

We are previous Boxer owners, who miss our Boxers very much, but we look forward to getting to know our puppy and the American Bulldog breed!  Thank you, Gittinger’s, for a great pup!

Jeff and Christine Wallace

Middletown, DE




Gittinger's Bulldogs are great professional breeders.  They give the puppies a loving family atmosphere and provide them with early socialization.   When I brought home our puppy I threw her right into the mix with 2 children and 2 Chihuahuas.  She has never been aggressive, destructive or spiteful, just a big mush.  She is at the top of her training class, and learns everything the first time.  We are constantly getting compliments on how beautiful and intelligent she is.  I believe that the right start is the key to have having a loving and obedient dog and the Gittinger family does just that.

Kimberly Mejia




After our recent purchase of Gittinger’s Digger, I have nothing but positive things to say about Gittinger’s Bulldogs a.k.a.  Having knowledge of our interest in their American Bulldogs, Gittinger’s notified us immediately upon the arrival of the new litter of pups. Chris and Wendy welcomed us into their home to meet the entire family.  Jazmin and Diesel displayed their friendly, and obedient personalities that finalized our decision to purchase one of their pups.  Digger, now known as Bailey, came home to us just 5 short weeks of our initial visit, with all his required shots and his fun loving puppietude, as well as a clean bill of health.  Chris, Wendy, Jazmin and Diesel took wonderful, loving care of our little puppy , nurturing him, and keeping us updated with his development.  American Bulldogs are just a wonderful breed of dog, beautiful, obedient, kind, loving and friendly, and I am thankful that Gittinger’s brought a new member to our family.  If you are looking for a new addition to your family, I highly recommend you contact Gittinger’s Bull Dogs to obtain more information on possible litters, you will be pleased!

Richard & Patricia Feyrer